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“The Metaverse is the next big challenge for the real estate market.”

Sergio Alberti, Leader Platinum Square Italia

Become a Real Estate Broker in the most advanced Metaverse!

Property Management

We offer full property management services for your virtual real estate business. We are the esclusive distributor of Real Estate Agent Licenses issued in Octagon Real Estate Metaverse. License holders will be entitled to carry on exclusive brokerage services in the Octagon Metaverse: like in the real world, they will gross brokerage fees on a fastest growing real estate market ever!

Limited licenses available

Only 999 NFT Real Estate Licences will be available in Octagon Metaverse. Early buyers will secure an asset whose destiny is growing in value exponentially. Sooner than later main real estate brokers will enter the Metaverse which will become the main market place also for “solid” real estate assets. And in order to do so, they will need to buy a real estate broker license. Scarcity factor will play a major role then: only 999 fortunate holders will benefit of a very likely exponential grow on value, and while waiting for the big deal they will gross brokerage fees in the Octagon Metaverse market.

Metaverse real estate market and brokerage

In the early years the Metaverse will be based on launchpads of Real estate assets (skyscrapers, villas, condos) communities which users can buy to resell or rent. And they will need a broker to do so, a licensed one. The real estate market potential on Octagon Metaverse is enormous, beyond one’s wildest expectations. Be at the CENTER of it owning a license to intermediate the volume of Octagon Metaverse Real Estate Market.


“Because OCTAGON is different from any other existing Metaverse platform: it’s the first real DECENTRALISED Market place running on the fastest and most advanced blockchain protocol”


Constant growth over the years

The metaverse real estate market is expected to grow at a compound annual rate of 31% per year from 2022 to 2028.

In 2022 numbers still growing!

Sales in the Metaverse real estate as of January 2022 exceeded $85 million!

And the real, massive growth has to start yet. Today the Metaverse, as a concept, is fully grabbed only by few and people think is a “challenge”. It is not, it’s just an evolution step, a quantum leap: it will become the natural evolution of the Internet web as we know it now, Metaverse and real world will soon merge in a market place as one. Real estate market in the Metaverse will become the main market place to buy and sell even “solid” and not only digital asset, by NFTs and block chain authentication technology. And brokerage business will follow accordingly. As simple as that. 

Those who have believed since the beginning in that evolution will benefit of unimaginable value growth, like only new disrupting innovations can deliver when human being fully understand them and global phenomena kicks in. 

Why Believing NOW in Real Estate Metaverse?

Because returns are inimmaginabile and risk/reward profile is totally on the early buyers’ side, hands down! The cost for a license now is limited, but the rerun value growth it will benefit from the Metaverse growth has just the sky as a limit!

Important numbers already in 2021

Real estate sales on metaverse platforms hit $501 million in 2021

A bargain not to be missed.

All the world largest real estate brokerage companies are looking at the real estate Metaverse and soon will make their moves. Play Smart, be the first getting one of the limited spots on OCTAGON: buy a license, be the one believing in the future of Real Estate Market!

"The Metaverse is the next big challenge for the real estate market," confirms Sergio Alberti, international Real Estate consultant, famous for his innovative and forward-looking entrepreneurial spirit.

One of the first real estate agents to understand the development potential of the Emirates market, in 2016, challenging the prejudices and insecurities of his colleagues, Sergio turned his career around by investing in the Dubai real estate market. A courageous choice that led him in 2020 to found Platinum Square: an international luxury real estate consulting company with offices both in Italy and in the Emirate.

The challenge to conventions, which has always been an integral part of his way of being, together with the values of training and continuous research, led him to a new frontier: the Metaverse.

In agreement with this vision also the CEO of Deswap, Nadiya Tkachenko, who entrusted us the exclusive possibility to manage the NFT licenses essential for entry into the Real Estate of Octagon.

Your gateway to the Metaverse. Your gateway to the future.

metaverse real estate investment platinum square sergio alberti

“The Metaverse, a world that is unknown to most people today but that in a very short time will become an integral part of the everyday life of many, represents a great opportunity for license holders.”

metaverse real estate investment platinum square sergio alberti

Sergio Alberti

Leader, Platinum Square Italia

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